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Playing Poker Online

It should not be surprising to learn that, at any given time, there might be more that a half million people playing poker simultaneously over the Internet with real money? What's more, there might be as many as triple that number playing with free chips. It's true!

With more than 1,800 Internet casinos and poker rooms, thousands of players are regularly logging in to play poker with people who might live as close as just down the street, or as far away as another continent. Playing poker over the Internet is as sophisticated as some of the more well known and popular multiplayer computer simulation games, such as Doom and Myst.

Online poker games often include full color graphics, animation, and the ability to talk or to chat with other players. Internet poker is a thriving, if not exploding, business. By some estimates online poker rooms rake in more than $5 billion a year! When you consider that as recently as 1998 you couldn't play poker for real money over the Internet, this growth is all the more impressive.

As you might expect, the same factors contributing to the renaissance of poker in general are also helping to popularize online poker. One factor is the televised coverage of major poker tournaments on cable networks, such as ESPN, Travel Channel, and Bravo, which include ads for online poker rooms.

Another factor is the "celebrity" status of some World Series of Poker Champions, such as Greg Raymer (2004) and Chris Moneymaker (2003). Both of these champions, through amazing journeys, won their seats in World Series of Poker Championship events by first winning smaller tournaments. These two incredible victories help prove once and for all that online poker's not a passing phenomenon, but a tremendously exciting growth segment for poker industry.

Whether you acquire and perfect your poker skills online or in a traditional brick-and-mortar card room, one thing is true either way, you can become a world champion. Without question, though, the biggest reason online poker is exploding is very simple. There's big money to be won! Online poker is drawing millions of new players who might not otherwise have access to poker games, thus pumping a fresh source of revenue into the resurgent poker economy.

With millions being wagered everyday by people all over the world, it is not uncommon to see online tournament payouts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let's face it there are not too many amateur sporting events where for an entry fee of less than a hundred dollars you have the chance to win well over a million dollars! But that's becoming more common in the world of tournament poker, whether it be online or in a traditional casino.