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The Poker Cheating Tactic of Palming

Since poker is a game that is not only played for fun in various home poker events or house parties and gatherings, but is also most certainly a form of gambling where most of the interested players, even though it is mainly for fun, would still aim to gain some money out of it. Of course, no one likes to lose in a game, but there are some players who would do anything to the point of cheating just so they can win at a poker match, despite the fact that could most likely be playing against friends, comrades, or maybe even against relatives. Such an act of cheating should most certainly not be allowed to pass lightly, and those who cheat should certainly not get away with it. One of those cheating strategies that these cheaters may use is the sleight of hand means of palming.

By the term palming, we mean the act of way in which a player would secretly begin to hide individual cards and move them from the deck of cards onto himself or on one's hand, or from himself and into his hand or return it back on to the deck of cards. It is a really sneaky strategy that definitely needs to be watched out for. An act such as this would require also a certain amount of skill and it is a very sneaky tactic indeed!

A simple or basic palming tactic would involve one of the players being able to hide a card inside the palm of his hand and transfer it to where he wants without the other players ever noticing. Any playing card would most likely fit perfectly in the palm of a person's hand, and so, if it is held at one end via the last bend of a person's finger and then, at the other end using the cup of the palm of that particular person's hand, then with a bit more practice, it can certainly be done.

Speed is certainly an advantage in doing this trick and definitely requires some amount of skill. From the deck of cards, the player who is practicing the cheat may be able to palm cards into his shirt pockets, or under his leg, or on the floor and many more! He may be skillful enough to bring the card to anywhere he wants as long as it is to his advantage, and unfortunately, to the disadvantage of all the other players.

Palming is certainly another type of sleight of hand cheat that should be watched and any form of cheating on the poker table is really unacceptable.